Работа галереи в праздники

1 и 9 мая галерея будет закрыта. В остальные дни ждем вас на выставке современных художников из Грузии.

Почему инсталляция – тоже искусство?

Ответ вы найдете в блоге искусствоведа Софьи Багдасаровой (Шакко).

Triumph Gallery mantled Cai Guo-Qiang's ''Fall'' installation

This fall, Triumph team participated in the mounting of Cai Guo-Qiang’s «October» exhibition at The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. An installation entitled ‘’Fall’’ was constructed by the Triumph team and installed in front of Museum’s main entrance.

Prolongation of the EXTENSION.FI exhibition

Dear visitors, the ‘’EXTENSION.FI. End of the World in the Mysterious Forest’’ will be opened until 02.02.17.

Gallery is opened for visitors every day from 11AM to 8PM

Vladimir Potapov's exhibition at ''Arcade'' gallery

In the newly presented project, Vladimir Potapov researches the context of a historical object- Gorky Park’s main entrance that was designed by G. Schyuko and A. Spasov. The exhibition features historical artifacts of various periods of Russian history. ‘’The importance of the context of this exhibition is crucial, every statement within its boundaries substantially transforms. This is not an another exhibiting platform, it is a historical cultural object that has to be interacted with in a very careful manner’’, as author would point out himself. In his new exhibition, Potapov emphasizes the interaction of the works and artifacts of the historical past. Exposition featured over thirty new works yet unrevealed in Moscow.

Holidays' opening times

The May celebrations are here! The galley would be closed on 1st and 9th of May. Please visit us on any other date from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Andrey Gorbunov's exhibition opening at Ural Vision Gallery

Andrey Gorbunov's personal show, ''The strengthening ribs'' has just opened at Ural Vision Gallery.


Pavel Otdelnov's exhibition at Belyaevo Gallery

Pavel Otdelnov's new personal exhibition, ''Desert. 2002–2017'', would open up Elina Mukhina's ''First retrospectives'' curatorial project at Belyaevo Gallery.

Выставка Николая Онищенко в «Смене»

25 февраля в 19:00 Центр современной культуры «Смена» (Казань) и междисциплинарный центр Department of Research Arts (Москва) представят второй проект совместной программы «Не-места» — выставку «Alina» художника Николая Онищенко.